Saturday, June 14, 2008

Masters rowing next week June 6/15 - 23

No meeting Sunday, but I might get down to scull in the am.

Sculling Tuesday 6/17 at 6 am. Kirsten & Charles will be there.

After that, Kirsten & Charles will be out of town until 6/23. If anyone wants to get out the Fischer-Price boat on your own, go right ahead.

Keep an eye on the weather conditions and please stay in the inlet until you feel confident of your skills to try deeper water; even then, hug the shoreline - stay in easy swimming distance of the shore.

Saturday & Sunday at 8 am I presume that Terry will be down with the Copper Country Crew. You are welcome to join them. They need more rowers.

I'll be back for the following Tuesday, 6/24. See you then!


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