Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crossfit WOD


7 deadlifts

1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Deadlift
Score: 205-225-225-225-230-237.5-240

Comments: PR! KW 155-155-155-160-165-165-170 PR!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crossfit Saturday WOD

Here's the Saturday WOD  (ooh, I wish you were there.  You would have loved this one.)

p3 (press triumvirate)
1-1-1-1-1 Shoulder Press
3-3-3-3-3 Push Press
5-5-5-5-5 Jerk (push)
CW Score:
Comments: Push press and push jerk were relatively new moves, so we went conservative with the weight, working on the form.
KW Score:
KW says: Working mostly on technique. Will add more weight later.

CFE WOD: 3 x 5 minutes

9/26/2009 practice

Charles White2:18 pm

Light rain to deal with, but the water was great! I did the CFE warmup mixing skill drills and short sprints; I took too long. I'll spend less time on this next time. WOD: 3 x 5 minute pieces with 3 minute rest in between. Aiming for full intensity with the same distance each time. 2nd piece was farther, 3rd was less; I was so wiped out that I had to pause in the middle of the last piece. I did get a cheat because of stopping for a large boat wake during the first piece.:)

Map views:

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      Google Earth 

Interval details:

Workout 1, 7:34 AM - 8:00 AM, 2151 m      (Download Summary CSV
#TypeStartTimeDist (m)Speed (m/s)Pace (/500m)StrokesAvg RateChartDetail CSV
1Just Go7:34 AM16:19.721512.203:47.731819.5viewdownload

Workout 2, 8:01 AM - 8:26 AM, 2904 m    (show rest intervals)   (View Summary Chart)   (Download Summary CSV
#TypeStartTimeDist (m)Speed (m/s)Pace (/500m)StrokesAvg RateChartDetail CSV
1Time8:01 AM5:00.09493.162:38.113527.0viewdownload
2Time8:09 AM5:00.09903.302:31.514228.4viewdownload
3Time8:17 AM5:00.08942.982:47.813527.0viewdownload
4Time8:25 AM0:16.900.00---310.7viewdownload

Workout 3, 8:26 AM - 8:41 AM, 1466 m      (Download Summary CSV
#TypeStartTimeDist (m)Speed (m/s)Pace (/500m)StrokesAvg RateChartDetail CSV
1Just Go8:26 AM13:29.714661.814:36.223017.0viewdownload

Charles White, Registered Piano Technician
404 Frue Avenue
Houghton MI 49931
(906) 483-0204

Friday, September 25, 2009

Come workout with us!

A while ago, some friends met at our house on a Sunday for a WOD (workout of the day) called 'Fight Gone Bad.'
If you want to know here's a link: 4.3. Explain Fight Gone Bad.

It was great fun, doing Crossfit in a group. So, I thought we'd have a group over to the house, or to the park and do a Sunday Workout.  So far, no takers.  Too this, too that. Busy, out of shape, out of town... I still have hopes, though.  So I'm picking out the easier, less technical workouts for Sunday and making the invite.

This weekend I've got a big piano move on Sunday, so this weekend the Sunday WOD will be on Saturday.  Here's the blurb:

This week's Sunday WOD (workout of the day) will be on Saturday!
3pm, my house. (Link to Google Maps (hope this works): 404 Frue Ave) We're moving a piano on Sunday.

We're going overhead with 3 kinds of presses:
 - Shoulder press
 - Push press
 - Push jerk

After warming up, we'll do this progression:
 - Learning the movements, no weights. (beginning)
 - Adding weight (intermediate)
 - Working into max weights (advanced)
 - WOD (scaled, beginning - advanced)

Don't worry about not being in shape enough for this;
 - You can jump off the progression at any time. Cheer the others on!
  - If you can stick your arms straight up in the air, you can do this! :)

Charles White, Registered Piano Technician
404 Frue Avenue
Houghton MI 49931
(906) 483-0204


Kirsten and I decided to end our racing season with last weekends
victories. So what are our plans?
Some more time for mountain biking.
Rowing on the weekends.
Prep for Winter; XC skiing and indoor rowing.
Dryland XC drills.
Baseline 2K erg test.

On the blog, I intend to post on erging and Crossfit. I'm leaning
towards using CFE for erg workouts; CF, 2 interval and 1 time trial or
pace work per week. My goals for CFE:
- results. old 2K record 7:43; goal 7:30.
- variety. workouts change week to week.
- avoiding burnout. Last year, I peaked, then plateaued, then got
sick (twice.)
I'm waiting to hear from my rowing coach; we'll see.

Right now, I've got about 10 of you on a list that sends emails of the
blog to you. I'm thinking that if I keep posting, that will clog up
your inbox with email. So, I'm dropping the email list, except for my
coaches. I'd be happy to keep you on the list, of course. If you
still want to get the blogs sent to your email address, send me an
email to cw2345@hotmail.com and I'll keep you on. There's room for 10
email addresses.

Next post coming right up, an invitation to workout with us!





3 rounds of:

Time: 2:24

Comments: Puppies today! Subbed Supermans for back extensions (no menu item.) 

That was quick... 

Kirsten's Time: 2:12

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crossfit WOD: Daniel


Pull-up (assisted) x 15 Reps
Run x 200 Meters
Thruster x 15 Reps @ 45 Pounds
Run x 400 Meters
Thruster x 15 Reps @ 45 Pounds
Run x 200 Meters
Pull-up (assisted) x 15 Reps

CW Time: 13:35
Comments: Buttercup scaling, with 45# thrusters and blue band assisted pullups. For intensity, I give myself a B+. Knees - walked the downhills, ran everything else. Next time, thrusters faster. Form was good.

KW Time: 13:00
35#, full kipping pullups!

Yesterday was dryland XC training with Kristina Owens, Pro with CXC Vertical Limit.  Very cool.



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WOD Front squats

Morning CF workout


3-3-3-3-3 Front Squat
Score: 65-75-75-75-75
Kirsten did 45-45-45-45-45

Comments: Back at it after a day off from the boat races.

Do you want to do a WOD at our house on Sunday?  Write to me with what time would be good.  We'll set something up.

Also, would you prefer to only see rowing specific workouts on this blog?  This is our base preparation, so I thought it important to the whole picture.  What do you think?



Monday, September 21, 2009

The Races, Part II

Sunday, 2nd day in a row of racing.  The Iron Oars Regatta was on Teal Lake in Ishpeming.  MTU and NMU were there, MTU winning the cup by 1 point!

Many more from the Upper Peninsula Rowing Club today. (I'm sorry I didn't have much to say about UPRC yesterday, Kirsten & I had to play with our samba band 'Batucobre' for the Parade of Nations.)
Several singles and Daryl's Deadly Double.  All reps from the PLRC emerged victorious today as well as yesterday.  Deb Kamrad women's masters singles.  Dennis Kamrad, men's masters singles.  Charles and Kirsten White, masters mixed doubles.

It was a blast.  Our first time on Teal Lake; from now on, driving by on the way to wherever, Teal Lake will hold fond memories for us.  A good time, we felt good.  We even raced better than yesterday.  

Here's the Speedcoach(tm) Check the comments:

9/20/2009, 11:18 AM , 5788 m , 2x (Double) 
Summary: Iron Oars 2009 
With: Charles WhiteKirsten White 

Last comment: Charles White at 7:24pm yesterday



The Races, part I

And this brings us to last week.  Again, my apologies in staying away for so long.  Take your time, skim the catching up posts, or just skip them entirely.
In case you don't want to read all that stuff - a summary of what's new:
Speedcoach workout logs
Great coaching by Deb & Dennis Kamrad.  (I'll have to write a post on these two - what an incredible resource!)

Last week was taper week.  We did even less workouts than recommended.  The main thing, though is that we went into the weekend rested and healthy. That was new.

Saturday was the Copperhead Regatta in Houghton.  Terry Smythe ran a good race, populated with volunteers at start, finish and in boats along the way.  Michigan Tech and Northern Michigan Universities were vying for the copper/ironore cup.
Conditions were very good.

Deb Kamrad suggested that I write to Daryl Davis and I did, inviting him to bring his double and row against us.   Daryl, in search of some good trash talk says that I threw down the challenge, so they had to come.  Here's the text of my email. You judge how much of a challenge it was:

Hi, Daryl.
Deb Kamrad gave me your email address and said you might race a double against us.  Great!  It would be fun to have another boat.  Given our level of development and mismatch of stroke, you may well kick our butts, but we're out to have a good time and we'll row our best for you in the race.

We're rowing the double in the Copperman on Saturday, then the Iron Oars on Sunday.  Of course you're invited to bring your double and row both races! That would be way cool, doubles racing on both days! 8^)

See you this weekend.  Come say hi!



The clincher in this great blood feud may have been the subject line:

Yeah, bring on the double!

Here's the Speedcoach(tm) Check the comments:

9/19/2009, 8:41 AM , 3761 m , 2x (Double) 
Summary: Copperhead Regatta 
With: Charles WhiteKirsten White 

Last comment: Charles White at 10:10pm on September 19th, 2009



Workouts 9/5/09 to 9/16/09

9/16/2009, 4:35 AM , 4042 m , 2x (Double) 
Summary: Tabata 8 x 20sec on : 10sec off 
With: Charles WhiteKirsten White 

Last comment: Charles White at 8:13am on September 16th, 2009

9/13/2009, 8:36 AM , 8334 m , 1x (Weeble) 
Summary: long ez technique row 
Last comment: Charles White at 2:54pm on September 13th, 2009

9/12/2009, 7:08 AM , 7821 m , 1x (Weeble) 
Summary: practice race 
Last comment: Charles White at 1:52am on September 13th, 2009

9/10/2009, 9:00 AM , 2610 m , 1x (Weeble) 
Summary: skills & drills 
With: Charles WhiteKirsten White 

Last comment: Charles White at 11:01am on September 10th, 2009

9/9/2009, 5:44 AM , 5073 m , 2x (Double) 
Summary: 3 x 1500m 
With: Charles WhiteKirsten White 

Last comment: Charles White at 8:15am on September 9th, 2009

9/7/2009, 8:32 AM , 3864 m , 2x (Double) 
Summary: 7 x 500m 
With: Charles WhiteKirsten White 

Last comment: Charles White at 11:24am on September 7th, 2009

9/6/2009, 9:20 AM , 3699 m , 2x (Double) 
Summary: 20 minute technique piece. 
With: Charles WhiteKirsten White 

Last comment: Charles White at 1:25pm on September 6th, 2009

9/5/2009, 8:34 AM , 11371 m , 2x (Double) 
Summary: 2x5K 
With: Charles WhiteKirsten White 

Last comment: Charles White at 1:18pm on September 6th, 2009

Workouts 8/24/09 to 9/4/09

9/4/2009, 8:42 AM , 5051 m , 1x (Weeble) 
Summary: Skills & drills - Weekend Edition 
Last comment: Charles White at 11:51am on September 4th, 2009

9/2/2009, 5:39 AM , 4109 m , 2x (double) 
Summary: 3 x 20 seconds 
With: Charles WhiteKirsten White 

Last comment: Charles White at 8:31am on September 2nd, 2009

9/1/2009, 6:18 AM , 1480 m , 1x (Weeble) 
Summary: Skills & drills 
With: Charles WhiteKirsten White 

Last comment: Charles White at 8:19am on September 2nd, 2009

8/31/2009, 6:19 AM , 3156 m , 2x 
Summary: 90:90 x 6 
With: Charles WhiteKirsten White 

Last comment: Charles White at 7:46pm on August 31st, 2009

8/26/2009, 6:11 AM , 4957 m , 1x (Weeble) 
Summary: 4K @ 90% 
Last comment: Charles White at 3:19pm on August 27th, 2009

8/24/2009, 6:23 AM , 3401 m , 1x (Weeble) 
Summary: Death by 10 meters 
With: Charles WhiteKirsten White 

Last comment: Charles White at 7:59am on August 24th, 2009