Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gymnastic Volume

Meg on the pain ball.  I've got to remember to use the camera during the WOD!

Buy-inWarmup (10’)
Skill (5’)
  • Candlestick x 3
  • Backward roll x 3
Strength (10’)
Pick a gymnastic goat, Pull-ups, HSPU, or muscle-ups.
Repeat sub-maximal reps on the minute for 20 minutes. 
stay within 2 reps for all sets.
Record reps and total to comments.
Stretching (5’)
Mobility Homework (10’)- Episode 238/365:  Hip Opening
  1. elevated pigeon stretch with band out the back/side.
  2. Seated pigeon, pain ball in butt (come on, you know what I mean.)


  1. CW: HSPU with 2 45's and 1 thick 15 lb plate under my head. I only had to go down a couple of inches.

    2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-1-1-2-1-2-2-2-2-2-1. Total reps = 36. Whew!

    The limiting factor was not so much push-up strength but staying in position. After Monday's Cindy and a lot of street sweeping on Tuesday, my low back was hammered. getting into the bottom of the overhead squat or the KB deadlift was about impossible. I did one set of the warmup, skipped the rolls and the power cleans completely. It took me some scaled practice at the bench and about 10 minutes to get up the nerve to try a kick to handstand against the wall. It went o.k. though, so I did the WOD. Lots of stretching and slow moving after for about 50 minutes. (Yes Theresa, I'm doing my back stretches faithfully, thanks!)

    Not counting my back, this was fun! I think we can use a 10 minute version of this for strength building in some of the skill sessions.



  2. Pullups with the blue band. Tough tough tough. started kipping a little halfway through. We'll get there.


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