Monday, May 16, 2011

Ring Push-ups, Overhead Squats, Row

Gymnastic volume; its almost like this stuff works!

Warmup (10’)
Skill (10’)
  • Gymnastic Volume, 10’
Post sets and total.
    Strength (10’)
    • Bench 3 x 5
    AMRAP IN 20’
    Stretching (5’)
      1. band high hip, out the back; hands to ground, pulse leg straight 100 times each side.
      2. band mid-ankle, bent leg; flex the ankle.
      3. pain ball in butt, knee out & in.


    1. CW 2 rounds + 2 push-ups. 10 minutes, no OHS.
      Nursing my low back, except for the ring pushups I went really easy. I would have liked to try out the OHS.

      Programming: A nice WOD for continuing work. Fairly good contrast of push and pull motions and strength and metcon moves.

      No for some extra stretching!

    2. That's the way. Take care of your back! You're doing it just right. I want you to be healthy when you come down!

    3. 4 Rounds + 16 + 200m. 50# OHS and rings midway. This WOD was great. There was time to to catch your breath on the pushups and OHS. Next time I will lower the rings. My OHS felt awesome, which was cool since I had whined about it prior to the WOD. I used the 45# bar with 2.5# plates. I probably could have handled a few more pounds.

      Pullups are coming along...the gymnastic volumes will help, but I have to stop with the kipping part and accept what I get with dead hangs. Still using the blue band.


    How'dja do? Waddya think?