Friday, March 1, 2013

Catching up: Isabel, Zeus

Both WODs were at Crossfit 906

2/25/13 Isabel
30 Snatches for time 135#

CW: 2:45. I did 45# which was too light.  To make up for it, I worked on 1RM snatch and PR'd at 75#!   Yay!

2/27/13 Zeus
3 rounds:
30 Wall Balls 20#
30 SDLHP 75#
30 Box Jumps 20"
30 Push Press 75#
Row 30 calories
30 Push-ups
10 Bodyweight Back Squats

CW: 18:42. Although I aspire to do Murph on Memorial Day, for training these hero WODs are too much for me.  In addition to scaling weights, I was able to turn this back into a workout by scaling reps.  I did 10 reps of everything except back squats which I did 5.  Weights were 65#, 20" and 95# squats.

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