Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hairpin Hill

 Pasi in between intervals.


Skill - Pose
  • position
  • ham pull
  • partner lean & run

WOD: “Hairpin Hill”
5 rounds:
  • Walk down for rest
  • Run up for time

Penalty: 3 pushups for each second more than 15 seconds from the first interval.
1. Calves/ankles
2. ham & tree
3. couch & rock


  1. CW:
    5:00 (6 pushups)
    4:36 (technique more dialed in)
    4:12 (I pushed it here, then I had to do 48 pushups!)

    The funny part is that I knew what I was getting into by pushing the pace, but Pasi, who is used to finishing well ahead of me, did not. So at the end Pasi had pushups to do as well! Lotsa love to Meg who did pushups along with me for solidarity; thanks!

  2. 5:15 (hyperventilating)
    5:21 (in through nose out through mouth)
    5:14 (in through mouth out through mouth)
    5:23 (mixture of breathing)
    5:24 (oh the pain)

    Mostly struggled with breathing...typical.

    Happy to perform the push ups...didn't want to feel left out :)


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