Wednesday, August 8, 2012

CFW Saturday

Almost there.

An interesting Saturday morning at CrossFit Worthy.  Jeremy is doing some great programming!


  • Indian Run
  • Jerome

WOD with partner
AMRAP in 10 minutes

  • 2 round of Cindy, then switch off
  • Jump Rope

3 minutes rest, then

Partner Karen
Partner completes

  • 9 deadlifts
  • 9 pushups

then switch

Best of luck to everyone at CFW as they start their Paleo Challenge next week


  1. This was a tough day for me.
    The group run was faster than I've run in a long time. This was my first WOD.

    For the partner Cindy, the jump rope wasted me before I got to the pull-up bar. Pull-ups and Push-ups were hard, squats were no problem. I think I got maybe 3 rounds in 2 turns.

    The partner Karen we did 135# deadlifts. Taxing, but not as hard as pushups, I could only do onesies. Same with 20# wall balls. I had to sit down on the other ball in between reps. I got 18 reps and this while Kirsten mistakenly did 3 sets of deadlifts and push-ups. After one more round of deadlifts and pushups, everyone else was done. I pulled the plug. DNF. I was toasted. It took me longer than anyone else to recover.

    Lessons Learned: Check the ego at the door. I should have done lighter deadlifts and wall balls. at least 105 and 14, maybe 95 and 10, considering how much extra work there was. I don't know about scaling Cindy. Would banded pullups and scaled push-ups help my rx'd ones?

    The new element was working under stress, when you're already tired. The only chance to rest was during the actual WOD while my partner is chugging out her bit. Devious. We'll see when I get to do that again. I know I will go very light.

  2. This day was fun. I loved the run. Cindy rocked! 4 rounds. Jumpropes are feeling efficient. DL and pushups went alright but as always the wallball killed me! Next time I'll use the 8 lb in these multiple WOD workouts.


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