Tuesday, January 5, 2010

4 x double pole intervals or Who's Jealous Now?

Kirsten's down today with a cold. Rest, liquids, bundled up and watching "A Christmas Story" again. I took the opportunity to do one of the ski workouts that I missed before. Love those lighted trails!

Double poling only, up and down the Straightaway on the Oak Loop at MTU Trails (map.)
the GPS thingy says .35k each interval, 35m climb. (that seems a bit much.) It's 5 light poles from bottom to top. A 1 minute break between intervals.

It took right around 2 minutes to go up, but only 1 minute to come down!

Here's the GPS thingy data:

Name:4 x double pole intervals
Date:Jan 5, 2010 6:22 pm
Distance:1.38 kilometers
Elapsed Time:09:05.6
Avg Speed:9.1 km/h
Max Speed:9.9 km/h
Avg Pace:06' 34" per km
Min Altitude:220 m
Max Altitude:255 m

Start Time:2010-01-05T23:22:00Z
Start Location:
Latitude:47.106748º N
Longitude:88.552682º W
End Time:2010-01-05T23:31:06Z
End Location:
Latitude:47.106712º N
Longitude:88.552278º W

Click on this link to display the track in Google Maps. This link will be valid until Feb 4, 2010 3:44 PM PST.



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