Thursday, January 28, 2010

G.I. Jane & wax helps!

Today, a quick ski warmup. Short, easy loop, once around the wax hill and home. It shouldn't matter that it's only 4 degrees out and I last waxed for temps in the 30's, should it? Holy cats! It felt like the skis had brakes on them! We had to V2 going downhill! The last time I waxed for snow this cold things went much better. I guess I'll have to plan ahead for the next time.

The WOD was G.I. Jane, scaled.
Kirsten did 35 burpee-pullups in a time of 9:58. She was great!
I did 20 burpee-jumping pullups, using the small box. Time 4:06. Still taking things a little easy.

All for now.


Charles (with Kirsten and Baxter the Workout Kitty)

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