Friday, January 1, 2010

The Weather Outside...

But the skiing was so delightful! After a week of resting and stretching, I was going crazy.
Kirsten and I drove up to Swedetown for a couple of loops. Len's Loop and Pine Loop. (Map: Large file for viewing) A few hills here and there, they kind of wiped me out. Technique and conditioning. Kirsten, of course, had no trouble after yesterday's much steeper hills. I'm so far behind! Here I am wondering if I'll be up to my goal of doing the Bear Chase 26K, while Kirsten is contemplating a 13K race in a couple of weeks.

At times like this, I just have to put my head down and stick to the plan. Going forward is the way to reach a goal and I'll surely improve whether I reach my goal or not.

Temp. 8F
Wind 15-20mph
Snow 1 inch powder over groomed, medium slow.
2.52K in 24:17.

My back ached less after going skiing than before, so I count that as good. Stretch and ice after, of course. I'll have to remember to really ease back into working out, though.

Tonight we've got the stove going, and the fire is so delightful!



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