Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Bear Complex

Warmup (10’)
“The Bear Complex” [wmv][mov]
5 Rounds, with rest between each round of:
7 cycles through:
  • 1 Power Clean
  • 1 Front Squat
  • 1 Push Press
  • 1 Back Squat
  • 1 Push Press
Work to a max load.
Set down the weight at the end of a round only.
Rest anywhere anytime except on the ground.
Finish standing up the clean before starting the front squat.
Combine the squats and presses into thrusters if you like.
Jerking is acceptable. Deadlift followed by hang clean is acceptable.
Post load.
If time:
Skill (5’) 
CFE drills:
  • Posture
  • Wall drill 
Stretching (5’)
Mobility Homework (10’)- Episode 206/365:  The Couch Series
  1. Couch Stretch; try with front leg out, freestyle.
  2. Lower leg across side, butt back, bend over, freestyle.
  3. Foot on side, hand on foot, block leg out with arm, freestyle.


  1. CW 15 - 35 - 55 - 65 - 75 - 85. Wanting to get the form right and not knowing how this would turn out, I started light. I coudn't feel the weight and balance until 35# though. This was fun!

  2. 15-25-35-50-60: Didn't feel the form until I hit 25#. My front squat form still needs a lot of work...keeping the elbows up and weight back. This workout was very different, but I liked it!


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