Monday, February 20, 2012

Butcher Time!

Down at CrossFit Worthy, we got to try out the new Butcher. It's like a Prowler.

Here's the WOD Jeremey cooked up for us:

4 rounds, not timed. Rest between rounds.

  • 25m high Butcher Push 50#
  • 25m low Butcher Push 50#
Man, oh man, can that thing do you in! I think 10 minutes of that would get you ready for hill climbing in most sports - power and speed.  


  1. Great fun, like a drinking binge. If we had done the last round with 50# still on I think I would have tossed.

  2. We all felt like Charles! It was a good thing we removed the plates for round 4. Big- time intensity.


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