Thursday, February 23, 2012

CFE Long Intervals

CFE Long Intervals
Choose ONE of the following sports:
  • Swim (THU): 6 x 200m on +/- 2:45 or less recovery, deviate no more than 3-5 seconds
  • Bike (THU): 3 x 5k TT, spin/rest 5:00
  • Run:2–5x800mw/3minrest(SSThurs,3S Sat or T/TT)
  • C2 (THU): 2 x 500m with 1:00 rest between + 2 x 1000 with 3:00 rest between, deviate no more than 2-3 seconds on 500m and 3-5 seconds on 1000m

Post sport and times to comments.


  1. CW: Running, 2 x 800m
    I made an improvement in technique for the second interval, increasing my tempo. We did a video analysis of our technique and each of us needs to get the leg off the ground out the back. Keep the knee bent!

  2. Same workout as Charles. 4:08, 4:11. Pace 5:07 and 5:09/k. Felt consistent. Trying to go just a hair faster than 5k pace.


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