Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jealous; Rrrrrrrrrr...

Me today? Two pianos tuned (thanks, glad to.) Athletically, sod all.

Kirsten, however, had the day off. Here is her tale:

I basically spent the entire day playing in the snow! Starting with a general crossfit warmup of situps, pushups, supermans, squats, pullups and dips, I proceeded to the Tech trails with my skis. I wanted to do some hill work and some of the more technical parts of the trails today. The conditions for me were ideal, I enjoy fresh powder. It was around 20 degrees with 2 inches of fresh powder on the trails. I was out for a little over an hour. Not too many skiers out today, what with the lake effect snow warning; however, I tend to enjoy a little stormy weather. It was beautiful in the woods! Loops covered: Oak to Pine, Core, Skidder, Tanglewood, Ridge, DownUnder, Maple, Balsam, Core. I didn't time it, a little over an hour, I think. Lots of hills to play on, the ones on Maple especially got to me today. The Maple loop would be good for hill practice, doing rounds of it would be challenging. Upon returning home, the driveway had started to fill up, so after a quick bowl of soup, round one of scooping commenced. The snow is still falling, we'll see when round two begins...Happy New Year, everyone! Here's wishing you a healthy lifetstyle!

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