Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yay, Burpees!

From last week:

Kirsten thinks I look like a skier.

Games Open WOD 12.1

  • AMBAP in 7 minutes

You must hit a target 6" above your reach with both hands.


  1. CW: 61 burpees.
    The third time's the charm, apparently. The first attempt I lost count and the camera didn't record. I came up with 55 then, but I know it wasn't right. The second attempt the next day started off great with Kirsten counting and the camera recording, but the pvc pipe we had hanging overhead fell down at 10. So I waited 10 minutes, Kirsten duct taped the pipe in place and we did it all over again. Perhaps I could have done a few more without the restart, but I'm happy with the number. It was a good effort.

  2. I'm glsd I didn't have to do this more than once. Gotta hand it to Charles! 67.


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