Saturday, February 4, 2012


Choose ONE of the following sports:
Swim (SUN): 800m @ 1000m TT pace
Bike (SUN): 30 minutes @ 85% effort/RPE
Run (SUN): 5M @ 90% of 10k TT pace
C2 Row (SUN): 2 x 2k, hold splits within 0:30, rest 5:00 between
Post sport and times/distance to comments.

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  1. CW: XC ski using running WOD.
    35:48; 4:27/k
    Swedetown trails: Valley, Greenstone, Mama Bear.
    36F, W10, packing snow well groomed. Fresh red LF wax.
    Best pace on these trails before was 5:23/k PR, yay!
    I've been working on complete weight transfer from ski to ski.
    It was tough to hold together technique through the last part.
    Also improved - instead of stopping after a long hill climb, I could keep moving. My next goal is to get 1 or 2 more powerful strides over the top before easing back for breath.

    Good time, woo-hoo!


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