Friday, June 25, 2010

Eric & Debi Onramp 3

Eric and Debi are elusive to photograph, but we finaly captured them on camera:
That's Debi in the background with Kirsten.

  Here's Eric too.  No, they're just stretching!

Deadlift review

3 rounds
Row 200m
10 thrusters
one rests while the other does a round.


Eric was back for more tonight; Debi returned much improved after being under the weather.  Both did well and learned new skills.  Eric is getting some fast splits on the erg...1:45...way to go Eric!  Debi, never having been on an erg in here life, learned basic technique and made great progress over the course of three rounds.  Good job, Debi!  Times for 3 rounds of 200m erg followed by 10 thrusters:
Eric: 1:49, 1:24, 1:22.  
Debi: 2:25, 2:15, 1:39.

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  1. KW: Early a.m. road biking; no data.

    CW: As many pieces of roof sheathing on the shed as possible in 2.5 hours.
    4 pieces; 1/2 of the roof sheathed. Just after, it rainied...hard.


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