Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lumberjack 20

Welcome back, Sarah!

No Friday WOD - meet instead Saturday 1:00 pm at the MTU Trails Wax Building.  Dress for an outdoor workout, wear trail running shoes.

CF Warmup

  • 20 Deadlifts (185-205lbs)
    • Run 400m
  • 20 KB swings (1.5pood)
    • Run 400m
  • 20 Overhead Squats (85-95lbs)
    • Run 400m
  • 20 Burpees
    • Run 400m
  • 20 Pullups 
    • Run 400m
  • 20 Box jumps (20”)
    • Run 400m
  • 20 DB Squat Cleans (30-35lbs each)
    • Run 400m
135-155# Dead lift
1 pood Swings
55-65# OHS
20-25# DB Cleans
200m runs, weight, 12 reps.
Time limit:  40 minutes
Test: Overhead Squat/Snatch Receiving Position
Mwod: Two minuets opening up the hip and groin against the wall.
Two minutes each leg doing sweeping/roaming Pigeon Pose
Two minutes Foam Roller/keg drill with barbell if possible
Two minutes each side bully shoulder drill


  1. CW: 35:27
    DL 115#
    KB 1.5p
    OHS 10 at 35# (too easy) and 10 at 45#
    4 kipping pullups, the rest jumping
    20" box
    25# DBs

    A long slog here, folks. I didn't worry too much about zooming. The running was the way cool part. 1.75 miles total mileage. I never could have done it without Pose technique. The run was always a time to settle in and work on technique. Until, of course, the burpees! After that, the legs didn't want to move for the first 100 meters.
    Not my favorite WOD, but a good slog.

  2. It seems only a few weeks ago that a 35# OHS was hard, a big deal. Today, it was kid stuff! I switched to the 45# bar for the last 10. I think with 45#, I would have split the OHS into 2 sets, though. Woo Hoo!


  3. 27:22.
    DL 95#
    KB 1 p
    OHS 15#
    16" box
    15# DBs
    When I saw the time limit, I thought, "Oh-oh!" But, it really was not as bad as I thought. The pace was adjusted so that it was quite do-able. The burpees, as always, winded me...the squat-cleans burned up my quads! What made me happiest was that ALL six of us beat the time limit! Awesome, everyone!!

  4. Oh My GOSH!!! This one looks super fun! kind of WOD. Something different each time to relieve the torture of the previous task. Really sorry to have missed this one...Starting next week I will be a diligent attendee!


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