Thursday, August 4, 2011

Run, Pull-ups

 Kirsten finds a creative place for pull-ups.

Warmup (10’)
Skill (5’)
  • 3 x max L-Sit on parallettes [wmv]
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Strength (10’)
  • 3 x 5 or 5/3/1 Power Clean [wmv][mov]
5 rounds for time:
Time limit:  20 minutes
Stretching (5’)
Lower leg sideways on chair, foot hanging off, load back of butt, close hip.  Hunt 5’ each side!


  1. CW:
    L-sit: no parallettes, so we used the rings. in seconds:

    Power clean 3 x 5 @ 75#

    WOD: no rower, subbed 400m run.
    DNF; 4 rounds + 200m.

    Programming: For the very fit, this might run under 20'. For me, at least 4 rounds might be better, in around the 10 - 15' range.

  2. L-sits: 45, 35, 21 seconds. Power cleans: 3 x 5 @ 50lb. WOD: 4 rounds plus 150m. Knee and Achilles talking at me today made for slower pacing. Subbing biking for running would be a good idea.

  3. So I forgot to bring the workout with I went by memory...which wasn't the greatest. I forgot the skill so I didn't record anything there.

    WOD: 17:53. I did use the green band and kipped for the easy as could be (relatively speaking). My rowing was improved, I was able to hold it at 2:24-2:27 for a few rounds...which is great for me and my short levers!

    We'll see if I get the 3rd workout in this week. Pasi is gearing up for the Copperman.


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