Monday, August 29, 2011


Kirsten lands the snatch.

Warmup (10’)
NORCAL +Snatch warmup
WOD:  “Isabel”
For time FORM:
135 pounds, 30 reps
Use 95 pounds, 65 pounds or broomstick as needed. 
Post time and load to comments.
Time limit:  12 minutes
Stretching (5’)
Mobility Homework (10’)- Episode 302/365:  High Hamstring Tear
  1. hi hip band out back, inchworm, flex & straighten leg.
  2. above position, close and open hip
  3. Pilates On Crack: band on foot, on back, pull down hams.
  4. hi band, foot in band, stomp band down, squeeze butt & quad.


  1. CW: 4:58 with only 35# Rx is 135#, amazing. I warmed up with an afternoon of humping tools and lumber up the hill and into the trailer.

    Programming note: I thought the week of snatch prep was a great set-up for "Isabel." The moves felt confident, secure and safe. More weight by next time, but no hurry.

    It was cool to have the iPhones running together. Kirsten has a good snatch! ;)

  2. 5:24 with only 20#. Going light to protect shoulder. This worked nicely, and even at this weight, is quite the workout. Heck, even air squats are a workout! Still working, working, working on form. A never-ending process.


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