Monday, September 21, 2009

Just where in the *heck* have I been?

Sorry folks if you were following this blog. I'm still around, still
rowing. I've been posting workouts and things in other places. If
you look through the blog and our site here, it looks like we've
hardly rowed.

So, I am determined to catch you up. From the start of the season to
our race last weekend. I'll get you news, workouts, progress, results
and some description, too.

First, let's cover most of the Summer. Too cold, too windy. There,
that about says it. After rowing at Craftsbury Sculling Camp in 50
degree weather, we had decided on that as our minimum temp to row.
This Summer, however, we revised it downward to 40, using the double.
It's very stable, keeping the risk of tipping and hypothermia low.

So, that's the bad news. Next entry, the clouds part, the angels sing
and we get out on the water and row!



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