Monday, September 21, 2009

A most wonderful invention.

The clouds will part soon, I promise.  First I wanted to try this post.  By way of explanation;
In a previous post I waxed nearly romantic about the cool Speedcoach(tm) that we have when we row the double, which is wired for it.  For the gizmo to work, the boat must have a magnet under one seat and an impeller under the boat in the water.
It gives time, distance and stroke rate info.

-That was then.  This is now:

I have a Speedcoach(tm) app on my iPhone!  it uses GPS, for location and distance, accelerometers for stroke rate along with time.  Best of all, no wiring required!
I had to get a waterproof case for the phone. I use velcro and a lanyard to attach it to the boat.  Now I can use it on any boat.  Even my Aero.
The practices upload to my Facebook page, where Speedcoach(tm) has a nifty log app.  I can view results as numbers, download them, see my workouts graphed, even view my route on Google maps!
The downside I see is that the app cannot account for currents in the water; GPS logs geographical distances.  Going the same way should give comparable results, though.

So here's the experiment.  I'm going to try to copy a workout from my speedcoach log.  Then you and I can see how it copies into the blog.  

Here is the earliest entry, dated 6/6/09.  Wish me luck!

Practice overview:

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6/6/2009, 11:13 AM - 12:21 PM
8297 m

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Map views:

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Interval details:

Workout 1, 11:13 AM - 12:21 PM, 8297 m      (Download Summary CSV
#TypeStartTimeDist (m)Speed (m/s)Pace (/500m)StrokesAvg RateChartDetail CSV
1Just Go11:13 AM63:40.582972.173:50.2116518.3viewdownload

6/6/2009 practice

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