Friday, September 25, 2009


Kirsten and I decided to end our racing season with last weekends
victories. So what are our plans?
Some more time for mountain biking.
Rowing on the weekends.
Prep for Winter; XC skiing and indoor rowing.
Dryland XC drills.
Baseline 2K erg test.

On the blog, I intend to post on erging and Crossfit. I'm leaning
towards using CFE for erg workouts; CF, 2 interval and 1 time trial or
pace work per week. My goals for CFE:
- results. old 2K record 7:43; goal 7:30.
- variety. workouts change week to week.
- avoiding burnout. Last year, I peaked, then plateaued, then got
sick (twice.)
I'm waiting to hear from my rowing coach; we'll see.

Right now, I've got about 10 of you on a list that sends emails of the
blog to you. I'm thinking that if I keep posting, that will clog up
your inbox with email. So, I'm dropping the email list, except for my
coaches. I'd be happy to keep you on the list, of course. If you
still want to get the blogs sent to your email address, send me an
email to and I'll keep you on. There's room for 10
email addresses.

Next post coming right up, an invitation to workout with us!



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