Monday, September 21, 2009

The Races, part I

And this brings us to last week.  Again, my apologies in staying away for so long.  Take your time, skim the catching up posts, or just skip them entirely.
In case you don't want to read all that stuff - a summary of what's new:
Speedcoach workout logs
Great coaching by Deb & Dennis Kamrad.  (I'll have to write a post on these two - what an incredible resource!)

Last week was taper week.  We did even less workouts than recommended.  The main thing, though is that we went into the weekend rested and healthy. That was new.

Saturday was the Copperhead Regatta in Houghton.  Terry Smythe ran a good race, populated with volunteers at start, finish and in boats along the way.  Michigan Tech and Northern Michigan Universities were vying for the copper/ironore cup.
Conditions were very good.

Deb Kamrad suggested that I write to Daryl Davis and I did, inviting him to bring his double and row against us.   Daryl, in search of some good trash talk says that I threw down the challenge, so they had to come.  Here's the text of my email. You judge how much of a challenge it was:

Hi, Daryl.
Deb Kamrad gave me your email address and said you might race a double against us.  Great!  It would be fun to have another boat.  Given our level of development and mismatch of stroke, you may well kick our butts, but we're out to have a good time and we'll row our best for you in the race.

We're rowing the double in the Copperman on Saturday, then the Iron Oars on Sunday.  Of course you're invited to bring your double and row both races! That would be way cool, doubles racing on both days! 8^)

See you this weekend.  Come say hi!



The clincher in this great blood feud may have been the subject line:

Yeah, bring on the double!

Here's the Speedcoach(tm) Check the comments:

9/19/2009, 8:41 AM , 3761 m , 2x (Double) 
Summary: Copperhead Regatta 
With: Charles WhiteKirsten White 

Last comment: Charles White at 10:10pm on September 19th, 2009



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