Monday, September 21, 2009

The Races, Part II

Sunday, 2nd day in a row of racing.  The Iron Oars Regatta was on Teal Lake in Ishpeming.  MTU and NMU were there, MTU winning the cup by 1 point!

Many more from the Upper Peninsula Rowing Club today. (I'm sorry I didn't have much to say about UPRC yesterday, Kirsten & I had to play with our samba band 'Batucobre' for the Parade of Nations.)
Several singles and Daryl's Deadly Double.  All reps from the PLRC emerged victorious today as well as yesterday.  Deb Kamrad women's masters singles.  Dennis Kamrad, men's masters singles.  Charles and Kirsten White, masters mixed doubles.

It was a blast.  Our first time on Teal Lake; from now on, driving by on the way to wherever, Teal Lake will hold fond memories for us.  A good time, we felt good.  We even raced better than yesterday.  

Here's the Speedcoach(tm) Check the comments:

9/20/2009, 11:18 AM , 5788 m , 2x (Double) 
Summary: Iron Oars 2009 
With: Charles WhiteKirsten White 

Last comment: Charles White at 7:24pm yesterday



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