Friday, September 25, 2009

Come workout with us!

A while ago, some friends met at our house on a Sunday for a WOD (workout of the day) called 'Fight Gone Bad.'
If you want to know here's a link: 4.3. Explain Fight Gone Bad.

It was great fun, doing Crossfit in a group. So, I thought we'd have a group over to the house, or to the park and do a Sunday Workout.  So far, no takers.  Too this, too that. Busy, out of shape, out of town... I still have hopes, though.  So I'm picking out the easier, less technical workouts for Sunday and making the invite.

This weekend I've got a big piano move on Sunday, so this weekend the Sunday WOD will be on Saturday.  Here's the blurb:

This week's Sunday WOD (workout of the day) will be on Saturday!
3pm, my house. (Link to Google Maps (hope this works): 404 Frue Ave) We're moving a piano on Sunday.

We're going overhead with 3 kinds of presses:
 - Shoulder press
 - Push press
 - Push jerk

After warming up, we'll do this progression:
 - Learning the movements, no weights. (beginning)
 - Adding weight (intermediate)
 - Working into max weights (advanced)
 - WOD (scaled, beginning - advanced)

Don't worry about not being in shape enough for this;
 - You can jump off the progression at any time. Cheer the others on!
  - If you can stick your arms straight up in the air, you can do this! :)

Charles White, Registered Piano Technician
404 Frue Avenue
Houghton MI 49931
(906) 483-0204

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