Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Kirsten Ski Report...

I've been pretty laid up since my back went out last Sunday; missed some work, couldn't do more than scoop a little snow! Back at work tuning pianos today, felt better. I hope I have something to show by Saturday - we're visiting Crossfit Appleton in - you guessed it - Appleton!

I've been encouraging Kirsten to get out and do stuff, even (sniff) without me. She's doing great. Here's her report from this week:

I will go backward, from most the most recent to the most previous...

Tonight I did:
Crossfit warmup: 2X10 reps each of 6 excercises, pushup, situp, superman, air squats, pullups, dips.
Then, a short run down to the ski shop and back, nice and relaxed, paying attention to technique and footing. The good news: My knee feels strong again!

On Tuesday night:
Crossfit warmup as above. Then skiing:
The wind was blowing, it was a blustery 10 degrees, and lots of fresh snow. A double-pole interval workout. Warmup, crunch technique, paying attention to using the abs, and not overusing the arms.
Two times double-poling up the Oak Loop straightaway, for four lightpoles. One minute off, double-poling down the straightaway, then turn around, rinse and repeat. Remembered the water bottle, yay!
Warm down with skate technique, no poles.

On Monday night:
The snow was fresh, about 2" of new fluff, and it was coolish, around 18 degrees. I skated the "Dog" loop, Superior loop, Pine loop, Core to Portage loop and then Core again back to the parking lot. Forgot my water bottle, won't do that again, the air is dry!

There, now we are up to date!
Great work, baby! I am pleased and also jealous. I'll have to remember to start from where I am an progress from there.



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