Sunday, December 20, 2009

A short jaunt around the Core Loop

We were both pretty stiff from the butt-whipping we recieved at the hands of Theresa of Crossfit Appleton (it was a fun butt-whipping. Thanks, Theresa!) so just a short ski today. Warmups were around the island of trees behind the wax building.

Warmup drills around the 'Island.' 2 rounds of:
1 lap double pole
1 lap skate V2
1 lap no poles
1 lap skate V2

Then once around the Core Loop.
KW 5:50
CW 6:00
I think that this is the first time that we've done just the Core Loop and nothing else. One corner of it dips down, making for some coasting and some climbing. The phone says 1.17k.

Warmdown up and down the straight away section at the end of Oak Loop. On the way up, alternating 4 each of double pole/skate/no poles/skate. On the way down, it was too much fun not to double pole.

KW: return your poles out in front of you like you were dumping 2 cups of coffee on the ground in front of you (read that somewhere, the Master Skier I think.)
CW: When double poling, crunch in the abs - yes, but then, instead of bending over at the waist, sink down into the ankles and the knees. Will this compression help get more leg drive into the skating? Stay tuned!



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