Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pretty good...

Good. Things worked out good. Today was not 'ooh, all better!,' but neither was it 'ow,ow,ow!'

So, a day of rest? Yeah, I shoulda, but we wanted to go, so to Swedetown we went. Today's goal, an easier skate over a long distance. Kirsten is nervous about being able to cover the distances necessary for a longer race. I'm not worried...yet. An easy loop, the Valley Trail and Greenstone Loops. Here's a map. I'm staying very cautious, so for Kirsten to get a workout, I sent her on the Mama Bear Loop as well. I wish I could have gone with her! I kept going, slow with many stops. I met an older guy trying his first time on skating skis and helped him out with his technique - He looked 100% better in less than 5 minutes! Then, to pass the time and let Kirsten catch up with me, I did 4 easy repeats up a short hill, working on V1 technique. It all felt pretty good.

CW 6.4k 54:51
KW 9k 54:40

Upon getting home, I found a great email in my inbox from Crossfit Appleton coach Theresa Rosenquist. She's been getting my posts. Summary of a quick reading:

Get it looked at.
Ice it.
Lighter activities, walk or easy rowing.

I iced it tonight and did my usual stretches; I'll get into the info she sent me more in depth tomorrow. Theresa is fabulous! If you're ever in Appleton, bring some gym clothes and get together with her - she knows her Crossfit and lots of other stuff besides. A real stickler for technique and form.

Here's us stopping for milk on the way home:


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