Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wacky yooper alert

Submitted today by Kirsten!

Today, Charles proclaimed what he calls an "active rest day". For him, it meant sleeping in this morning! For me, it meant getting up and getting some work done before going for a ski. For some reason, my best times out on the ski trail occur during snowstorms. Today was no exception. The forecasters were right on the mark when they said that it would start snowing at 7 AM. At 8:30, I thought, "Now would be the best time to ski today!" As it turned out, the groomer had been there about 15 minutes before I started my skate. The snow was coming down hard by then and there were about two inches of fresh snow on top of the hard pack. The glide was superb. It was exceptionally fun. I did a quick 30 minute swing around the Isle Royale/ Superior Loops. The wind, from the East, really sandblasted my face on the return. I can see why men like their beards in the winter! This afternoon, returning from work, I joined Charles in round 1 of the favorite yooper fitness pastime of scooping snow...the wet, heavy kind...a great total body workout! We'll see how many rounds are called for with this storm...Merry Christmas to all!

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