Saturday, December 12, 2009

XC skiing up and running!


Night XC ski. Kirsten's been out several times already. This night was a blizzard. Hello powder skating! It's funny when you look down and all you can see is your boots cruising through the snow.
Drill - 3 times up the wax hill.

12/12/09 2nd day of XC skiing. Rolled, tilled and tracked! 22F, Snow medium speed - it makes that crunching sound under your skis.

Time trial; Dog Loop 2.14k in 11:35. That includes putting my iPhone away (it was my timer,) putting on my glove and ski-pole. That means I can cut down my time just by getting a watch!

I have no timing data from last season, but my performance felt better than the same loop at the end of last year. Not as much improvement as I wanted, but this is after about 2 weeks of no training. First it was a couple of extra days off, then it was my back, then came the concerts; throw a bit of just plain laziness in there and you've got a full-blown hiatus! At least this last week I was scooping the snow out of the driveway a couple of times a day.

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  1. Hey! Funny. I bet you can take an easy 45 seconds off your time by getting the watch. drawbacks are the buttons are smaller and you still have to take a glove off, push button, put glove back on, wiggle into ski pole wrist loop, then go. Have Kirsten time you doing all this stuff, but you have to be outside and cold; being warm and using non-frostbit fingers wouldn't count. :) Be well & stay warm!


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