Saturday, November 13, 2010

Linda AKA Three Bars Of Death: Appleton Edition

Theresa & Mark,
Charles & Kirsten

Kirsten and I were in Appleton WI Friday and got to meet and workout with the folks at Crossfit Appleton. Theresa's diabolical plan for the day?

Jumprope 3'
30 walking lunges
Inchworms w/2 pushups
25 situps
1' superman
Barbell warmups

"Linda" AKA The Three Bars Of Death
Deadlift 1.5 x bodyweight
Bench press bodyweight
Power clean .75 x bodyweight

Showing off
Watching the trainers WOD:
3 rounds for time of

  • 30 KB swings
  • 25 Wall balls
  • 20 pullups

Meet later for lunch and more jawing.
The Hu-Hot Mongolian Fire Grill was a great place to eat Paleo. Just skip the rice and the noodles, keep an eye on the sauces and whammo! Yummy, cheap Paleo eating.

We had a great time. Theresa & Mark Rosenquist are great athletes, gifted trainers and really good people to know. If you are going to be in Appleton, bring workout shoes and takema class. Dont be worried, Theresa has seen you all on the blog. You'll do fine.


  1. CW: 15:30. Weights scaled to 50%.
    Deadlift 150#
    Bench press 95#
    Power clean 55# (this one felt light)
    These felt good. Next time, maybe 60%!

  2. 18:09. DL 95#; BP 65#; PC 50#.
    I love bar workouts! Barbells are SO good for you! The best thing for whole body strength and core stability. A couple of times I put in a few extra reps because I forgot to step down a count; Theresa said, "extra credit!". Liked this one. It was nice to have eyes on from Theresa and Mark, too.


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