Monday, February 21, 2011

Power Clean, Jumprope, HSPU

All part of the service...

  • 2 x 500m at 90% of chosen race pace/rate.
  • 2 minute rest
  • Power Clean [wmv][mov] 50%
  • 10 Jump Rope Singles
  • Handstand Push-up [mov]
Time limit:  20 minutes
  1. wall squat olympic width, feet fairly straight, arms over knees, PNF.
  2. Superfrog stretch with plate, other leg tensioner PNF.
  3. One -legged ‘Cross-legged’, roll bar over inner thighs.


  1. CW: DNF, sort of. With just KIrsten and I, no-one watched the clock, so we did the whole thing. I finished at 25:09.

    A 65# bar put emphasis on aerobic capacity; I could also work on the technique without a lot of weight pressure. Of course, without the benefit of heavier work I wouldn't know why the technique was so important. I focused on saving the arms for spinning under the bar.

    Jumprope singles were good for working on skill coordination, though not as high skilled as double unders. The Paoli HSPU progression was great, and I got a great straddle stretch at the same time!

    Most of all, it was great to workout with my Sweetheart again. Yum!



  2. Where is everyone? We missed all of you guys! Anyway, we had fun, just Charles and I. 24:44, we ignored the time limit. Charles was inspired by my Spartan workouts when he designed this one. I actually enjoyed this, but my single-unders need more attention! I've been working so hard on doubles that the singles have been neglected. At 45# for the cleans, it was a good weight for repetitions and technique. It's great to be at home!


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