Friday, February 11, 2011

Pull-ups And OHS

 Pasi gets his handstand on the first go!

Gymnastic WU 1
Paoli handstand progression.
Deadlift 3 x 5
AMRAP in 15 minutes
Time limit:  15 minutes
Scaling ring rows
  1. In the gym, double ball thoracic work; hug and ten flexes over ball each vertebra.
  2. Single ballunder ribs move arm around
  3. at home, couch stretch, 3 ‘ each side.


  1. CW: 3 rounds. I started with the 70% of max, 73.5#, but that was too much to control for multiple reps. I stripped off the small plates and did most of the workout with 65#.

    All kipping pullups. I'm still using my hips and legs which does cause some swinging, but Jeff Tucker's shoulder-based work has helped me. I was getting at least 5 consecutive each round.

  2. 5 Rounds + 8 Ring Rows. 50# OHS (@ 70% max rep) and ring rows scaled for pull ups. Since we had a clock hiccup I am guessing we went over 15 minutes...but that's okay!

    Really struggled with my wrists for OHS...but narrowed my grip and made sure I used active shoulders...which helped.

  3. Hand stand and frog stand getting much easier. Really need to work on ohs. It is a huge effrot to keep technique even with 10 reps at 38#. Fun strengthening wad, but I need an aerobic workout today!


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