Monday, June 13, 2011

Pull-ups And Push Jerks

 Pasi working through the push jerks.

Warmup (10’)
Skill (5’)
  • Burgener WU

Strength (10’)
5 rounds for time:
Time limit:  20 minutes
Stretching (5’)


  1. CW: 18:15. 75# push jerks (scaled down 10#,) about 75% jumping pullups. I am getting back into it. I've lost ground on pullups.

    Programming: this couplet would have worked better with only 15 pullups with a better balance with the push jerks. Otherwise, I like it. There was some lower body involved, but it had an emphasis on upper body strength.

  2. 18:45. 55# push jerks (scaled down 10#), 2.75 rounds pullups with green band, 2 rounds jumping.

    Major OUCH on the hands. Ripped them up pretty good (first time for me).

    Did Dead Lifts for strength and am at 145#, however left knee a little sore today.

  3. Good job, you two! Meg, welcome to the "ripped callous club"! When you do 50 or more pullups in a WOD, this is common. Be sure to use antibiotic ointment and a bandaid-it will heal fast. Google "Crossfit hand taping" for a few links on how to protect it for WODs while it heals.


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