Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thruster, Row

 Meg working the back squat.
Warmup (10’)
Skill (5’)
Strength (10’)
  • Back Squat 3 x 5 [mpg]
5 rounds for time of:
Time limit:  20 minutes
Stretching (5’)
Test: hollow with arms overhead
  1. Couch stretch with band, “Super Couch”
  2. Ball under rib, arm overhead; search.


  1. CW: I forgot to note the time. I'm guessing about 16:30. 45# thrusters. I started with 65#, but after back squats my back was talking, so I cut down the weight. Too bad.

    It was raining, so we subbed 500m rows for the run.

    Programming: This WOD was pretty good on time and effort.

  2. 20:30 55# thrusters and 500 m rowing subbed for running due to heavy rain. I just missed the 20 minute mark...but felt great after finishing. Really nice having Charles yell at me for my last 500 m row. I think I wimped out a bit on rounds 3 & 4 so thanks for the motivation Charles!

    My back squats felt great this time around as my knee gave me some grief the last time at 85#. Feeling strong today!


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