Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Double Unders

 Our neighbor in Lansing gets her first ever deadlifts!

Warmup (10’)
Skill (5’)
  1. chalk marks at feet and outstretched hands lying down.
  2. hollow body, hands overhead.
  3. long lunge, back leg straight.
  4. reach hands out and down to ground.
  1. arms and body tight and straight.
  2. push leg off ground.
  3. maintain split for now, find balance; work to hold 5 - 10 sec.
  4. eventually, bring legs together, 
Strength (10’)
Time limit:  15 minutes
Stretching (5’)
Open up the front of your feet:
  1. standing.
  2. kneeling.
  3. couch stretch to wall.


  1. CW: DNF with 72 DUs. Good practice made up for the lighter workout.
    I'm just working on double-singles, trying to get them consistent. Not very, yet!

  2. DL: 5 x 5. 125, 140, 160. WOD: 7:02. Form is not perfect but at least I can now string them together!

  3. DL: I moved to the new progression so I did 5x105, 5x125, 5x135 (I think)

    WOD: 8:50. I could only string together 10 at a time.

    Its so lonely in Houghton.

  4. Awww, Meg! I know how you feel! Too bad you don't have an iPhone, we could all do face time. Charles is coming back up on Sunday. He will be there to work out with you next week. Then we can do the face time! Good job on the WOD.

  5. Hang in there, I'll be there next week!
    Where's Pasi? If he's around but not working out, have him count reps for you. Maybe even the occasional encouraging word.


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