Friday, November 4, 2011

Run, Front Squats

Taking a picture on the run.  That's Meg on the right. Good picture, eh?

Warmup (10’)
Skill (5’)
Strength (10’)
5 rounds for time:
Time limit:  20 minutes
Stretching (5’)
Without rings, then with rings:
  1. hands forward, ext. rotate arms.
  2. hands back, shoulders back.
  3. bend elbows.
  4. on rings: into ring position.
  5. lift feet.
  6. press out.
  7. advanced: drop to position (‘dip balance.’)


  1. CW: DNF. I finished anyway in 22:24. My last max front squat was 155# in January. 65% was 100# and I did 95#. I wonder if that's like 75% of my current max or if 65% would have been better programming.

    While big, I think this WOD was good. Especially for a Friday!

  2. I liked that this one was 5 rounds. I've been craving a 5-rounder!
    Finished in 18:01, used 70#. Haven't done max FS in quite awhile, so this probably approaches 75% if calculated on a Wendler scale. I felt that I could clean this weight consistently. It worked out just fine.

  3. This one was a good way to kick off the weekend. Technically I did not finish either, but I did it in close!

    I did 65% of previous max load, but it was probably more a 75% of current max. Felt like I was running in concrete...probably looked like it too :)


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