Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beef Source - Now!

This information was sent to me today, in hopes that someone reading this blog might be interested.  I don't know if this beef is grass-fed or not; be sure to ask!

I just was on the phone with a friend who raises a few beef animals right in Pelkie.  He is trying to decide if he should ship them to a market in Minnesota or try to sell them locally.  I mentioned to him that I'd had interest in some beef but didn't have any to sell right now, and he asked me to pass along his phone number if you know anyone in your circle who is looking right now. I know you said you were good for now, but didn't know if you wanted to put this on your blog. His name is John Heck, and his number at home is 353-7553.  Cell number is 235-9831. John says 'thanks' in advance!   

Thanks for the heads up, Teresa!

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