Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 Bears Again, An Overtraining Alert

The legs are saying "another day off, just easy stuff, o.k.?" However, with today our only day off and with friend and distance junkie Jeff Massey staying at our house, it was inevitable that we would go out and do another long piece. Off we went to Swedetown, skiing the same 3 Bears route that we did on 1/23/10.

And once in a while that's o.k. Sometimes in life you don't get an rest day when you need it; you still have to perform. While just moving around the house had my legs screaming, once we got going everything loosened up pretty good. With work starting up tomorrow, I'll get in the recovery.

The snow was a new base, freshly groomed but drifted in in a few parts. Most of the way if you pushed off too hard the snow would collapse under your foot; very encouraging of efficient weight transfer. A bit on the slow side, but good.

I felt pretty good, all things considered. It was fun being back, working out in the snow again. We know what to do with the cold!

The data:
Name:3 Bears again
Date:Feb 16, 2010 11:06 am
Distance:13.7 kilometers
Elapsed Time:1:45:10
Avg Speed:7.8 km/h
Max Speed:8.0 km/h
Avg Pace:07' 41" per km
Min Altitude:267 m
Max Altitude:351 m
Start Time:2010-02-16T16:06:12Z
Start Location:
Latitude:47.238533º N
Longitude:88.465348º W
End Time:2010-02-16T17:51:23Z
End Location:
Latitude:47.238507º N
Longitude:88.465760º W

Click on this link to display the track in Google Maps. This link will be valid until Mar 18, 2010 1:54 PM PDT.

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