Wednesday, February 24, 2010

30 Second Sprints

Hi, sports fans.
Speaking of, I watched an online video of the Dutch speed skating coach that sent his athlete into the wrong lane, costing him a gold medal at the Olympics. Watching what the coach goes through as he realizes his blunder, then tries to keep it together and coach his athlete - he can't even speak the last laps - I almost forget to feel sorry for the skater. Poor guy.

So, yesterday Kirsten and I hit the MTU trails for our skill drills and a CFE WOD. 8 intervals of 30 seconds all out followed by 30 seconds rest. My GPS thingy doesn't support interval based workouts, so no data. The straightaway on the back of the Isle Royale Loop is a nice flat straight piece about 300m long. Our sprints started at about half that, so 150m.

We lost about a meter on each interval. At the start of each sprint I was the faster one. After the halfway point, though, Kirsten would start to reel me in. We finished pretty close together.

Another note; Kristina Owen, who coached us last Fall on XC dryland training, won the City Of Lakes Loppet in Minneapolis MN last February 7th. Way to go!

Today off, back at it tomorrow.



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