Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let That Be A Lesson To You.

Another lesson, oh boy! Kirsten and I got a chance to demonstrate our progress so far. Our instructor, Eric Volk was a little punchy after working on the all-nighter snow statue competition for MTU Winter Carnival. It was pretty warm and we kept going off on tangents talking.

We skied at MTU Trails on:
Balsam Loop (hilly) .8k
Linden/Peepsock Loops (hilly)1.8k
Flat back and forth drills
Oak loop (mostly flat) 1.1k
3.7k total + drills

Stuff for me to work on more:
V1 main hand more forward - lots more leverage.
V1 especially, drive much more into the knee; more complete weight transfer.
V20 as many reps as possible of poles balancing on one gliding ski.
V4 2 poles per ski.

Kirsten's bugaboos:
Arms closer to the body during poling.
Drill - brush your sides as the hands go by.
Follow through at bottom of poling. Let go of the poles.

O.k. So after several days in row, tomorrow is off. Saturday I promise we'll have a big slog, with data and everything. Then Sunday it's off to sunny Florida for a week, culminating with a 2-day Crossfit Level 1 Certification at Crossfit Tampa. We're pretty wired up about that. It should be pretty intense. I'll let you know how it goes.



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