Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The One That Got Away

So, here's us over by the Porta-Potties at the MTU trails. I messed up, thinking we were just in time for our next ski lesson. A quick call to instructor Eric Volk - Oops! Tomorrow night. He had it right in his email, I scheduled it right on my calendar, but my brain was cross-wired (not the first time.) Since we're dressed and ready to ski, Kirsten recommends we do flat trails since we did hills the last couple of times. Let's add today's trails up:

Isle Royale Loop 1.6k (the dog loop; we met 4 or 5 dogs, all galumfing along.)
Birch Loop 0.8k
Wax Hill 0.3k
Oak Loop 1.1k
Total 3.8k

And the time? Oh, no! No data! I forgot to turn on the GPS thingy! So no data. Without the data to back it up, I can say with complete confidence that I was much faster overall. ;^) What I did notice was that I didn't have to stop after hills that we went over; Even without actually skiing at a faster pace, not having to stop would have really cut down on my time. So far, so good.

We'll see if our instructor notices any difference tomorrow.



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