Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Peter & Sarah climb to the halfway point with Onramp 6!

Gymnastic warmup/skills, Day 2 

Skill: Pose
  • Review Pose posture and pulls, 60 in 60 seconds, each leg.
  • Bench 3 x 5
WOD: "Annie” 
50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of: 
  • Double -unders 
  • Sit -ups
Scaled reps: 35-25-20-15-10
Time limit:  15 minutes

  • Stretching


  1. CW DNF; I only got the 50s and the40s done, then I ran out of time. At least I got some work in. My DU are still onesies, I'm working to get consecutives. At least they were consistent. Most attempts counted.

  2. Techinically I was DNF cause I didn't meet the 15 minute time limit. But I finished the workout anyway in 17:44. I did scale the DUs counting the attempted ones that made it around twice but got stopped by my feet. I was able to do 13 legitimate DUs in a row!! So they are getting better. I would say I had 1/2-2/3 legitimate DUs for the first few rounds, and all legitimate by the last two rounds. My abs are a little sore today too form 150 sit ups! Feeling awesome! Thanks ANNIE!

  3. I was DNF also; still tired from the Monday WOD, I think! I only could get single reps of double-unders at a time. Normally can get 4-5. Takes so much more time! Made it through 50-40 and half of 30.


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