Saturday, August 14, 2010

CFE Cert Saturday.

Don't let this happen to you.  

So here we are in downtown Chicago at Atlas CrossFit for the CrossFit Endurance Cert.

A warmup in the gym (don't worry, kids you'll get to do it ;)) and then a warmup run around the block, about 800m.  Then a 4 x 400m run.  They started us at 5 second intervals.   On the third run they videoed our technique.

Lectures today by Brian MacKenzie, Bryan Diaz and Dr. Ted Lin.
Pose technique
Injuries, causes and their prevention.
Race Nutrition

We also did drills.  Lots and lots of drills.  They're very cool, you'll love 'em! We won't make you guys do them all at once like we are though; we're getting destroyed.

And finally, today's WOD  (we did, not for you guys...just yet.)
Death By 10 Meters
Starting with 10 meters,
On the minute run 10 more meters than the last round.
10, 20, 30, etc.
Continue until you can't complete the round in a minute.
Rounds completed is your score.



Best guy at the cert:

Off for a shower (can you smell me from there?) then we're limping to The Blue Agavè for dinner.


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