Friday, August 13, 2010

Chicago, Chicago!

4 year old Burpees from Crossfit Legacy on Vimeo.

Burpees, eh?  No problem!

Today's WOD; a do-it-yourselfer:

Run 5k.  

Warmup, do a couple of Pose drills, some stretches, then go.
Post your time.

If you like, run the Pilgrim trails  at MTU.

Do all the loops except for 'Hobbit' and you'll do 5k.

Stay tuned to the website for Monday's WOD.
Kirsten and I are taking a long weekend for a trip to Chicago.  We're signed up for the CrossFit Endurance certification.  Different from CrossFit, this is an outgrowth designed to fill the needs of the endurance community.  The focus will be on Pose running technique and training methods that make up CFE.

We'll be traveling down on Friday, cert on Saturday and Sunday, then travel back on Monday.  If I get a chance, I'll post from Chicago.

See you!  Plan to run 5k sometime this weekend!

Here are some links for you to play along at home.  If you subscribe to the CF Journal, there are many video articles on Pose running available as well.  I think these are free:

The Basics of Pose Running Techniques

By Brian MacKenzie  
An interview with CFE's Brian MacKenzie.  WARNING, some language may be offensive.
An earlier interview with CFE's Brian MacKenzie, starting at 52:15.  WARNING, some language may be offensive.


  1. Ran on Friday! Really learned the benefits of hydration as I was pretty dizzy when I got home! This was the first time I ever timed myself and I did the 5K in 34:08...left room for improvement! Hope Chicago is FUN!

  2. Ran this 5K again on 8/21/2010 with a time of 33:38.

    Ran it again today 9/2/2010 with a time of 32:42!

    Really trying to focus on pose form and was able to readjust in transit instead of stopping. Trying to work on using the hams to pull and keeping feet relaxed. Notice that my arms like go over 90 degrees when I get tired.

    Loving these improvements. Along with proper technique, I think a good does of confidence helps too! This was the first time I didn't approach a run with fear and angst :)

  3. Wow, Meg!!! This is FANTASTIC! It's so cool that this is working! I am so pumped!


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