Sunday, August 15, 2010

CFE Cert Sunday

Done!  Chalk up two more CFE certified trainers!

Today started with trigger point demo and practice.  How does working your feet over a ball lengthen your posterior chain?  Anyway, it did.  I demoed a hanging toe-touch; my hands were about 3" off the ground.  After a minute of rolling, my hands reached to the ground with some to spare!

After that, outside for drills and then practice coaching others.  We each ran a 200m piece and were videoed again.  In the afternoon we were analyzed again for comparison.  Kirsten made a significant improvement in her efficiency, and I was Mr. Most Improved with an 85% improvement in running efficiency!  It's a given that comparing 400m to 200m runs is not quite 'apples to apples,' but the intent was to show us what we would be capable of.  The cert is not actually over; we've got six weeks of homework laid out to learn what we started.

Lectures included programming, shoe selection, the CFE website including coming attractions; a team website, swimming and biking certs, sponsored races and much more.  It sounds like some very exciting stuff.

I've not got her name in my head, but the woman kneeling on the far right is originally from Hancock.  We gave her our card, so hopefully she'll contact us.  That was surprising.  Off for some Chicago ribs and an ice cream cheat after.  Now we'll get rested, get back and get ready!

See you!

P.S. Do the WOD on Monday.

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