Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Want My Workout #2

We got in a short run yesterday.

Note: Choose your favorite sport for the main workout; just get out there and go!  If you need a structured WOD, I've included one for you under 'Sport.'

3 rounds of 10-15 reps of
  • Samson Stretch (do once each round for 15-30 sec.)
  • Overhead Squat with broomstick
  • Sit-up (If you want an Abmat, use a rolled up towel.)
  • Back-extension
  • Pull-up (if you’ve got the equipment, otherwise skip)
  • Dip (use a bench or a chair, something.)
PRACTICE for 10 minutes:
Focus on your extension.  DON'T be a knucklehead with this one!  Try this with the crown or top of your head on a mat or cushion (like a folded bath towel) and make sure you keep your neck aligned in a neutral position.  If you feel even a little funky or tingly, it's time to stop!
Post thoughts to comments.
Choose ONE of the following Sports:
Swim: 15min
Run: 35min
C2: 15min
Post Distances/Speeds/Watts To Comments:
Stretching and
Mobility WOD
  1. hammies with towel, start bent and press leg to straight. 2’ each leg.
  2. lie on back, rotate leg and hip over, hang out 2’ each side.
  3. lie on back wall squat, soles of feet together, press knees out. PNF 2’.

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