Thursday, July 29, 2010


The 5:15 crew on "Elizabeth"

Intensity is powerful stuff.; big loads, shorter times.  It belongs in it's place, though.

Here's the progression for new movements and workouts.

  • Form
  • Consistency
  • Intensity

So remember to get it right, then repeatably right, then go harder.

Intensity is the quickest path to the good stuff: getting stonger and faster.  You need consistent form, for safety and best gains. Makes sense, I think.

Also realize that you may not be ready to go all out every time.  Let one of us know if you need to go easy; we can work with you.  Here's a quote from 'garddawg' I see from one of the post signatures over at

The point of CF is to get better at life.  Being unable to workout tomorrow because you were pigheaded today is not in line with our goals.

Garddawg - 22 March 2009

News Flash - Update on Tour de Jeff

This quote comes directly from Jeff himself!

...the final tally for the two week "TOUR DE JEFF" -  prolouge - 60.5, week 1 - 296.1, week  -162.5.  Grand total - 519.1.  A good prep for DALMAC where I will cover 508 miles in 5 days. 

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