Monday, September 20, 2010

“Fat Fran”

The crew relaxing post-WOD


CF Warmup

    • Pose - Hop x 2, Accel x 2
    • Rings - inverted hang
    • Bench 3 x 5
    WOD "Fat Fran"
    Three rounds, 15-12-and 9 reps, for time of: 
    • 95 pound barbell Thrusters 
    • 30 pound weighted Pull-ups
    • 65# Thrusters
    • 15# Pull ups
    Scaling: like for “Fran,” but heavier.
    Time limit:  15 minutes
    PNF, High Posterior
    Test: Box sit, Good Morning, and Deadlift set up
    Mwod: PNF your posterior extensors for 2-3 minutes a side, or until you stop making changes.
    Re-Test: Dead lift, squat
    Bonus: Touch base with the Psoas Bias Extensor Stretch 2min each side.


    Some folks have asked where to get the resistance bands from.  I got ours from Rogue Fitness:

    The #3 band is the blue one; #4 is the green.

    Good luck!




    1. CW: 95#; 15/15, 12/4 + 8 assisted, 7/DNF
      The thruster weight was new for me. Wow! Also a kind of PR; 19 kipping pullups is the most I've ever done in a WOD.

      I had the newest clients just do Fran; that made more sense to me.

    2. OK. 65# to start, scaled back midway to 55#. Then, 10# db between the ankles for pullups to start, then scaled back midway to kips. Finished it though, with 12:17. A good practice for doing 65# thrusters, I'm not totally there yet, but it is my goal to be able to do Fran with the regulation weight. Tonight I literally jumped out of the car after driving back from downstate and started coaching. Then for the second session I jumped in with Debbie and did this workout...nice way to work out the kinks from the trip. "Welcome home, honey!" Charles chided when the going got tough! I didn't say what I was thinking...


    How'dja do? Waddya think?